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Simon Shaw Dollars

EFE fell short of expectations, since it was valued at up to 50 million dollars (39 million euros). This portrait shows one of the muses and lovers of the painter from Malaga, Marie-Therese Walter, represented as a sculptural bust. Picasso … Continue reading

History Of Lamp Oil

In this article we will try to restore a brief history of the appearance of lamp oil and find out why before it was called "woody". The first mention of lamp oil is found in the Old Testament: "And the … Continue reading

Roland Emmerich

The first major joint project between Emmerich and Devlin became the band 'Stargate' – a film inspired by the U.S. junk fiction novels, suits historical epic of the 1950s, the advanced works of modern Egyptology. In the movie 'Independence Day' … Continue reading

January 21, 2011, The Great Tenor Placido Domingo To Celebrate His 70

The great Spanish tenor Placido Domingo was born January 21, 1941 in Madrid Zarzuela performers in the family. "When I was fourteen years old … in front of parents, the question arose whether to prepare me for career musician – … Continue reading