Apocalyptica – Finnish band performing metal on cellos. The group represents three cellists and a drummer without a permanent vocalist. Initially, newly renowned cover versions of well-known thrash metal bands in the Later Apocalyptica released material mostly of his own. Genre group is often described as symphonic metal. Most of the tracks – instrumental, but Apocalyptica have repeatedly drawn to joint accounts vocalists from Slipknot, The Rasmus, HIM, Sepultura, Guano Apes. History Early career The initial composition of Apocalyptica was a four cellists: Eicca Toppinen, Max Lilja, Paavo and Antero Manninen Loytonen with classical music education. Young men studied together in the conservatory and had music fans heavy metal. Max Lilja, recalled: We, the band Apocalyptica, have known each other for over 10 years.

We met several times in summer camps for musicians. To how we started to play Metallica, we've played with Jimi Hendrix song, and something along the same lines in two or three cellos, so the idea of playing in them something strange and unusual to us was by no means new. We're all big fans heavy metal music and Metallica at all is our most favorite band. It was summer 1993. We are preparing an entertainment program for a summer camp and wanted to offer the audience something special. So we decided to try play a pair of "metal" songs for our friends and musicians with a classical education. I must admit we had fun then the glory! Moreover, we even had some success! After the performances the musicians idea to approach the experiment with heavy music more seriously.

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