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In this day, 29 of June of 1944, thousand of men will take its places in the interior of the composition to give beginning to the trip takes that them for the war. One year and way of training and preparativeses it finished there. (I CASTRATE, 2006, p.33). During fourteen days, after the night of 2 of July of 1944 in the North American ship General Mann, Brazilian soldiers had travelled without knowing for where. For they appeared some commentaries of different places in the Europe and Africa for the probable landing, with very secrecy in the trip, was declared to the small squares only two days before, the arrival to the defined place, that would be Italy.

Italy already under domain of the Allies. There, the combatants had been trained and chemical preparations for the combats against the enemies and the cold. Forming the division they were laborers, farmers, students, commercial employees and many young with age up to 26 years, blacks, caboclos, descendants of Europeans and Japanese, was the multiethnic army, that did not fight to the side of the North American whites for thus they will prefer, of the state of Par, of 800 enlisted had been used to advantage 150 men. Against the German army, in September of 1944 the first victories had been conquered, in Massarosa, Camaiore and Monte Prano. After the fire baptism, the small squares used phrases as: ' ' the snake is fumando' ' ' ' the snake fumou' ' that they were written in the used armaments. Of this occasion, the American tracer Walt Disney after having bred Carioca the Z personage, created the first image of a snake dressing helmet, going off two pistols and smoking one cachimbo, since then, in October of 1944, this image was incorporated in a badge of the Brazilian division. 2.2? VICTORIOUS HEROES In the taking of the Mount Castle had not gotten success in the first attempts to conquer the objective.

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