New York

Macy’s at the Herlad Squre can you shop in until fall: a half million different items we offered. Don’t forget Fifth Avenue, this must be seen at least. For many, but also SoHo remains the most popular shopping: shopping in New York is fun in combination with art, fashion and trends. And $ makes it possible: the hostels in New York City are never been so cheap. Christmas gifts are concerned this year in New York! Shopping in Copenhagen Copenhagen remains the trendiest city in Northern Europe: Stroget is the shopping area of Copenhagen, these streets and small alleys next to on are full with beader and extravagant shops and boutiques. Copenhagen appreciate the shopping spree, and the business street is lined with bars and cafes, where you can treat yourself to a break between duch.

The funs of 70s or 80s era will appreciate Kitch-bitch (Laderstrade) or the second way (Studiestrade). The special Second-Hand-laden Yo-Yo in the Borough of Christianshavn this must not be missed, he heard the mother of the former Danish supermodel Helena Christensen and here you will find some really special stuff. Shopping in Copenhagen is worth shopping in Warsaw Warsaw is the fashion capital of the East, also for cheap hostels in Copenhagen, here you can shop every day, most send the shops and boutiques are late into the night and even on Sunday opened. It worth is not only due to selection – even designer fashion is here cheaper than it is accustomed to, shopping in Warsaw is impressive and it is worth! At the plac Trzech Krzyzy, one finds several exclusive boutiques. It is at its best in the North of Warsaw, from ul. Nowy Swiat fongt a colorful mile with jewellery shops, fashion boutiques and plenty of cafes. In the ul. You can find the shops of Polish fashion designers such as label reserved for young smart fashion from Poland Chmielna. Accommodation in the hostel in Warsaw will purse pleasant fine have fun shopping!

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