North Korea itself as a self-reliant socialist republic. However, it yields a pronounced cult of personality of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea and the first and only president of the country-and his son and heir Kim Jong Il. After the death of Kim Il Sung in 1994, it was not replaced but he was appointed Lord President of the Republic and was buried in the huge Kumsusan Memorial Palace in central Pyongyang. Kim Jong-il’s supreme military commander, chairman of the National Defense Commission and head of the military committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, but until July 1995 had not taken a formal head of state and party, left vacant the death of Kim Il Sung. The highest organ of State is the People’s Assembly with 541 members.One of the backbones of the country are its armed forces, consisting of 1,127,000 troops, according to 1993 data, and other revolutionary forces, among which highlights the Peasant Red Guards, with 3,800,000 troops, and troops Security under the Ministry of Public Security and counted with 115,000 troops. In October 2006 North Korea detonated its first nuclear bomb, despite the significant threats to that effect was received from the United States and other countries. Back then prepared strong sanctions against the country. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with Kim Jong-Il. On 18 December 2006, talks resumed in Beijing, China. A new round of talks was held on 8 February 2007 in Beijing, where North Korea demanded compensation energy.On the sixth day of six-party talks, the delegations of North Korea, South Korea, United States, Russia, Japan and China signed an agreement in Beijing with the first steps for denuclearization of North Korea. In return, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea would receive energy aid equivalent to one million tons of oil and financial compensation. On 4 October 2007, after a meeting of Heads of State of North Korea and South Korea signed the Declaration of Peace and Prosperity by both sides reflected those agreements in June 2000, expressing their desire to overcome the armistice of the Korean War to sign a definitive peace and North Korea was willing to abandon its nuclear program.

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