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The reactor safety Commission report is expected by May 16, 2011. Nuclear security as the election campaign tactical Theatre Posse Rainer Bruderle had the new nuclear course of the Federal Government before the Federal Association of the German Industry (BDI) on March 14, 2011 appeasing stated: against 13: 00 at the meeting of the BDI announced that Angela Merkel wants to suspend the extension of October 2010 by moratorium. While RWE angry leaves the session Chief Grossmann, E.ON responds Board Teyssen, visibly irritated. Bruderle reassured that decisions of the Federal Government in the face of the upcoming elections are not always rational. In the coming days and weeks it comes now in public again and again, to reject the accidentally logged and published statement of the German: politicians of the Union and FDP emphasize the seriousness with which to check the safety of the reactors and assure that would made a decision solely against the background of the findings of the two commissions, nuclear.

A few weeks later the Possenhaftigkeit of the spectacular moratorium is now finally revealed: the shutdown of the old pile it is probably a pure Lip service. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Restaurateur has to say. The U.S. political timetable not on time allows the decision for a new nuclear law. It is the energy companies themselves left again to take the old power plants from June 13, 2011. The moratorium officially served the purpose to evaluate the nuclear course for safety-relevant criteria and to implement the findings of this evaluation in a revision of the Atomic Energy Act.

Instead party Executive has developed now a draft of the CDU, which speaks out clearly against a significantly accelerated phase-out of nuclear energy. The template was created long before the reports of the Ethics Commission and the reactor safety Commission at all. Federal Executive Board decides the template of the CDU now on next Monday, he shows not only his ignorance of the specially convened commissions and their expertise but makes also clear that it is a purely political decision in determining the future course of nuclear the Government. The expected course of the Union reflects above all the demands large energy giant invoice and ignored so that the attached safety concerns of professionals as well as the majority rejecting of the current nuclear policy by the population. Jacob Jung via WordPress

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