III. then adds what is going to be the center of the wrapper, which can be, for example, a package/bag of socks, underwear or personal care items. IV. next step, bend the legs of the trousers (such as accordion) over the Center (bag of) stockings, articles of personal care or underwear) this prod133. v. You can then wrap the sleeves of the shirt about what has been placed on and between these and then bottom (body) shirt and so on if you add more clothes (suits, skirts, etc.). VI. applies the same technique to bend several pieces in your suitcase; layered, extended ends and then bending inward by parties.

You will discover the extra space! If the volume of clothes to save is not much, you can bend it in the traditional way and recalls putting first shirts or t-shirts, then dresses and finally pants. i. try to fold the sleeves of shirts or t-shirts so they don’t occupy more space and are inside the garment. Then fold the shirts in the half, starting from bottom; in this way you will have an easy to place in your suitcase rectangle. II. the pants and skirts are on the surface and not the double lot, because they will end up taking up more space. It seeks to put them one above the other, emphasizing the materials harder and less flexible at the top. Keeps socks (stockings) in shoes or corners of the suitcase, as well as additional pockets available.

Underwear placed in plastic bags, bags that sell for it or into the pockets on the sides that usually have some suitcases. It accommodates every pair of shoes that the heels are aligned, so that one taco is in the place of the fingers of the other. You can consider to wrap each pair of shoes in different bags and place them on the edges of the suitcases.

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