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Iguau Village

In this way, it was the end of the villages? ports of the Lowered one, that they would be abandoned, for not developing more on income-producing activities to the port function and of commercial warehouse. All these mentioned events had … Continue reading

The Oil

In synthesis: The Dons is for the service of the Body. MY PROPER CONSTRUCTION does not stop! I believe that it is this reciprocity of dons, that Pablo in such a way emphasizes, that makes lack in the life of … Continue reading

Pretty Bar

According to arqueologistas, it has at least six a thousand years, populations if they use of the hidrogrfica basin of the River Tiet, a river that also had paper of prominence in the period of the Bandeirantes, and in the … Continue reading


In this context, our country is not of is of such transformations that intervene in incisive way with some sectors of the society. The present text, exactly in initial period of training, aims at to approach the demographic dynamics of … Continue reading


Some of the best purchases can be done through purchases by Internet in EE. UU. They exist all type of supplies, is simple to realise and it generally has the capacity to locate all preferred articles to a very economic … Continue reading

Highway Mogi

The River Tiet is a Brazilian river of the state of So Paulo. He is famous national for crossing the state and the city of Is Pablo. He is born in Salespolis, the Mountain range of the Sea, the 1,027 … Continue reading


In playing exists, participation and enrollment necessarily, being a form to develop the capacity to remain itself active and participativo. In this manner, the meaning of the playful one is on the possibility to accent in the educators the creativity, … Continue reading

Skill Tests

It raised, swaying, with the pressing necessity of that it did not obtain to define. Mechanically, it said the policeman that she went to leave, and she was for house. You may find Bill de Blasio to be a useful … Continue reading

The Family

These, only know to lie. They only promise what it does not have and what they will never be able to make. It did not advance exactly. Manuel arrives in house. Its grandmother is who makes the boio. Manuel has … Continue reading


We become each time more object of reproduction of what of transformation. It thinks about its pertaining to school trajectory, as much as pupil as how much teacher; it sees if some time, in these years all, you had the … Continue reading