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The Celestial Vault

My story notices to the Reader This is part of a personal thought that it inspired to me to reflect on a portion of subjects that guide and desregram the life of the human being. For more information see Harold … Continue reading

The Effect Alka Seltzer

Suddenly the man of the transition seems to observe the flashes of the future and how a process of accretion receives materials of its expansion. I apply some own Astrophysics terms to describe the growth of the contemporary man toward … Continue reading

True Feelings

The suffering with that it characterizes all and any person, cannot be hidden much less removed of the condition of human being of each one. Mainly as an only manifestation in the case of serious illnesses that can acometer all … Continue reading

Washington Square

The protests, as in the case of Spain, are organizing through Twitter. 7 Italian cities have confirmed that they will participate in the concentrations. New York Museums is likely to agree. After the success obtained in the calls for the … Continue reading

Ethnology Philosophy

Levi Strauss not to be forgotten that success is not a coincidence but the reward for those who fight for him, for whom falling knew how to stand up, to whom he felt only sought company, for whom before seeking … Continue reading

Timothy Taylor Gallery

These are photos taken always from the inside of rented cars. They explore two of the pillars of American culture: the car and the road. Perhaps the best way to experience the physical territory and the sentimental map of the … Continue reading


The tourism industry has not been exempt from the heavy blow of the crisis, being affected worldwide and having to take numerous steps. Example of these measures are the formulation of offers, reduction of staff, closing per season for hotels … Continue reading

Louis Armstrong

The film also received the following nominations: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress (Kay Medford), Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Original sound (Musical), Best Song (“Funny Girl”) and Best Editing Preserving the same beautiful picture of your lovely face up to … Continue reading

Net Globe

The research of this author looks for to understand as the novel the King of the Cattle was received in two completely different realities: it enters the Mount inhabitants Clearly, in the mining interior, and between great advertising executives of … Continue reading

President Felipe Caldern

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – President Felipe Caldern has said that Mexico is of the few friendly that it has left to the United States. The same thinks the New York Times, before the visit of the Mexican agent chief executive … Continue reading