Bad Religion

Bad religion, for three decades one of America’s leading punk bands, come to Munich this summer. Punk-rock fans, who this summer spend a stay in Munich, have the chance to see bad religion live on stage. In August, the legendary band from California will visit within the framework of their European tour in Germany and give a hot-awaited concert at the Music Hall in the Bavarian capital. The concert will take place on Monday 2nd August and offers fans of the punk veterans the chance to experience a live show in three decades of Studio work and live performances to perfection. Bad religion have returned recently in the Studio, to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the band with a new album.

“However, the group is still plenty of time on tour to go and their fans all over the world with songs from classic albums such as stranger than fiction”, recipe for hate”and the new America” to inspire. In an interview with her official website, explains guitarist Brett Gurewitz, like the responsibility as a father has changed his approach to composing new songs. The father being made my whole world on its head,”he explains. Since I’m writing songs that are at least for my circumstances, less gloomy but introspective and thoughtful.” The concert will take place in one of the most popular concert halls in Munich. Tickets are available from 26,70. “Band is eternal Tango, a punk rock band from Luxembourg, the 2007 with their debut album first round at the Cafe Sissi” is carefully made. Both groups ensure a memorable evening for local music fans and visitors of the city of Munich. Due to the huge popularity of the event, Jessica Reading, head of the marketing department at, advises anyone who want to travel to the concert in Munich in time to book hotels Munich, to avoid disappointment. Eric Mann

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