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Federal Law Federation

In Contracts (agreements) concluded for the supply of the Russian Federation of products subject to compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation to mandatory certification, shall make provision certificate and a conformity mark, confirming its compliance with statutory requirements. … Continue reading

Constitutional Court

APPEAL TO ALL City Council prepared a draft decision "On the order of events in the city of Simferopol 'and the corresponding position. These documents published in draft form in the newspaper "Southern Capital" and the official website of the … Continue reading

Property Rights

Practice of recognizing the right of ownership of apartments in new buildings through the courts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from NYC Marathon. Recently become particularly topical issues of recognition of property rights in an apartment across the court. … Continue reading

Market Value Apartments

Real estate appraisal – the definition of the market price of different kinds of rights to property on that object. Real estate appraisal includes an assessment of many parts: layout, size, location, distance infrastructure, the state finishes, floors, house type … Continue reading