Youth Research Society

INR RostGMU ( Youth Science Society of Rostov State Medical University was founded in 2002. The purpose of association – to bring to the scientific activities of students, college students, high schools, as well as interns, interns, graduate students and young professionals. INR aims to unite young scientists – graduate students, faculty and staff of State University (at age 35) to express their interest in professional area and assist in addressing major social problems, the creation and development of communication between young scientists from different research centers. By and large, the problem of society – to give opportunity to young people that make up intellectual and cultural elite of today's youth to receive accurate and timely information, to communicate with each other, share experiences and knowledge, develop their abilities. Currently chairman of Society is a student of 5th year of the pediatric faculty, Elena.

Pavlova, it is also the chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Youth Research Society. The composition of this structure consists of executive secretary, Head of Press Center, the focal points of biomedical, therapeutic, surgical, pediatric, and other departments of the university. Among the priorities of the Council can be divided into two blocks. First – Support development and research initiatives for young scientists, focused on their growth and consolidation of a qualifying young scientists in the departments of the university. The second unit – to assist in solving social problems of young scientists. This work includes collecting and disseminating information on foundations providing grant support for research, development of a database of young scientists of the University, which must combine in himself, First, information about the main directions of scientific work of young people in higher education, and secondly – the main results of young scientists. Moreover, such an information resource will significantly increase scientific contacts of young scientists, as well as facilitate more timely information of planned conferences, schools, seminars, competitions etc.

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