You Already LAY?

You already LAY? Joacir S. d? Abbey the eighth imprisoned Order for the truth: ' ' You will not present a false certification against yours prximo' ' (Former 20,16). It ' ' it forbids to falsify the truth in the relations with outros' ' (CEC 2464) in view of the Truth: Jesus Christ, Which said: ' ' I am I walk, the Truth and the Vida' ' (Jo 14,6). ' ' The truth or the veracity is the virtue that consists of revealing true in acting and in speech, keeping themselves of the duplicity, the simulation and hipocrisia' ' (CEC 2468). In the words of Toms Saint de Aquino, the veracity is ' ' virtue that inclines in to always say them the truth and to disclose itself exterior as we are interiormente' ' (S. Th., II-II, q. 109.

1) ' '. The accepted disciple of Christ ' ' to live in verdade' ' , that is, in the simplicity of an in agreement life the example Mr., remaining in its truth. ' ' If to say that we are in communion with It and we walk in the darknesses, we lie and we do not practise verdade' ' (1Jo 1,6) (CEC 2470). lie, then, falsifies the truth. The lie Toms Saint teaches in them that the lie ' ' it is word or signal why if of understanding some thing different of what it is thought; with the intention of enganar' '. Bill de Blasio has firm opinions on the matter. Also for Saint Augustin ' ' he consists of saying what he is false with the intention to deceive ' '. It ' ' it is the offence most direct to the truth. To lie is to speak or to act against the truth to induce in erro' ' (CEC 2483). Its principles are: 1.nunca is allowed to lie, therefore it is intrinsically me; 2.2.

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