What Is “Love Of Self ?

In our world of self-love as something not made to advertise. It is believed that the first thing you have to love other people, be kind, to please others. We take care of that like other people, and quite forget about yourself. Even the Bible says that passing must love as yourself. Automatically assumed that a something we definitely love. And is it true? How often do we get pleasure out of life, happy, laughing? Osho said: "Love – is light.

If you have his attention to other people, you will remain in darkness. Turn your light in the first place to himself. " Self-love is the foundation of all that is good in us. When we love ourselves, we are able do it, we love and appreciate others. Quite a long time I happened to be the object of unrequited love.

And then I realized that the man who shows no respect for themselves, can not show it to someone else. Whatever feelings he nor experienced. Subsequent experience has convinced me that it concerns only what we do. Anyone who does not love himself can not love others. Anyone who is not polite with them, can not be polite to others. Anyone who does not value their time, careless refers to the time of other people. What we do for ourselves, then we do and for others. What is love for yourself? The closest to this concept – unconditional love. This feeling that we are the children or to the owner undergoes a dog.

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