Well Dressed At The Marquee Time

The marquees in the autumn so popular are certainly not for everyone the marquees in the autumn so popular are certainly not for everyone. Not everyone likes enters the crowded tents or Frolics in the amusement park rides, accompanying such as the Munich Oktoberfest. Who lives in the Bavarian region however, not get around mostly a visit. Various companies get a place in the tent at the beginning of the year and celebrate the summer celebration later in the Festival tent. Because the appealing clothes may not be missing.

Who dares in the suit, shirt and tie on the marquee will be is so wrong dressed, as if he were in the outfit to a heavy metal festival. Pure leather pants, it’s not only the classic image of the Bavaria, which have, for example, Americans by the inhabitants of the land, but a cultural heritage: the leather pants. Itself on a corporate function within the Executive Suite comes because no male employee over to pull the lederhosen and for some hours in the role of the Traditionsbayers hatch. The majority of the leather pants consists of a short, no more than knee-length pants. Mostly the leg clothes of braces is held or however comes directly in the form of a bib. The perfect picture emerges, as soon as the pants is combined with a dress shirt and knee-length socks. Already, the visit to the marquee must come without having the Chief sets up slanted eyes.

Also ladies pull with the female gender several options available at such events. The traditional clothing for women is not limited to a single style, but varies from a simple peasant garb to elaborate dresses. The country house style, a relatively simple choice of dress is very popular. The dresses are composed of different elements and be combined with a below the dress blouse. The magnificent Dirndl reveal classic and modern. They have always been maddening, but today enjoy numerous designers on the pieces and create true treasures. Embroidered beads, bright colors, or also the use of Chiffon or silk describes the modern robe. In many cases, corsets in the dress are integrated, giving the wearer a great figure. There are also available on the Internet to buy chic Dirndl at reasonable prices and in many sizes.

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