In this case the desired destination is not necessarily give a link to the file – it can find it by searching by name. These types of services, helping to unload a personal computer. It is also useful if you have multiple computers (home and work) and the organization of working remotely, you can even coordinate the activities of the whole office here in the on-line. Thus, online desktop in general laid out, we only shape the details (the process of endless and interesting) that functionality was such as to not make unnecessary movements, and the visualization afforded an opportunity to show your taste and it was pleasing to the eye. The advantages are obvious – the user virtually "sharpens" the Web for themselves, and at the same time becomes greater than before the freedom of work and life on the Internet without being connected computers and their technical capabilities, foreign sites and their design (only remains dependent on the context). In fact, in this case changes and the user. In the West, was born a new term prosumers – in Russian, "creator-consumer." Web desktop open a new page in the development of Internet space and habitat in the form of it. Mastering the system under test new web service desktops, the user is already a great help to developers in its setting and development.

For example, in our portal, we found the proposal "to make the opportunity to conduct a shared calendar for a particular user groups. " As reported by the developers of the project WebDeskTop (www.abctop.ru), testing it will go for about a year. But here you can learn now and feel the principles desktopstroitelstva rush to the previously unknown to the masses ordinary Internet users creativity. By the way, the time spent by experts in the construction of this test a web desktop, ranged from 20 to 40 minutes, which was associated more with the search for answers to some technical issues at Online service portal, than with the complexities of the desktopostroitelstva.

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