Ways To Improve The Dialogue

Both external conflicts and our deeper disagreements depend on dialogue we maintain. In fact you could say, that all our relationships are based on our capacity for dialogue. Conflicts arise when there is a disparity between what we think and what we finally do. It is not possible to find harmony when our inner dialogue becomes a battle. Our world will then become a perennial struggle in which there will be never defeated or winning. The challenge is to learn to talk, but how to improve our dialogue? 1.

Avoids the criticisms. It is good to remove the dirt. To establish a dialogue we must not lose sight which is the main goal. What is the purpose of that conversation. When we exert our dialectical force to destroy the opposite, we started a battle that has not found winner. If the result we get is greater understanding, rapprochement, anything can help us attack, resist or fight. OK what happens without judgments or ratings, is the first step.

Part of our responsibility in this matter, through creating an environment in which active listening is the companion of a more relaxed atmosphere, in which all parties involved to express themselves freely. 2. Count to ten all have heard this easy formula. And the truth is that control is needed to do so. Certainly if you’re able to stop you and control the situation by moments, it won’t be necessary to count. The work will be done at the time that you are standing still. Don’t let a torrent of emotions to check your dialogue. At some point in our lives, almost all us have regretted what was said and fact face a conversation that should have been decisive and no reason for one major conflict. Control over your emotions is the foundation that will lead to a life more full and satisfactory at all levels.

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