The story mentions the existence of the first settlements in the area of the city of Voronezh in the XIII century, but it was plundered and destroyed by the Tatars. At this point in the XVI century fortress was built to protect the state from the south of the nomads. The fortress was inhabited mainly by the military, the population of the beginning of XVII century, has reached 6000. Now, Voronezh – a city with a well-developed culture and history. Therefore, in Voronezh is the mass of attractions.

If we describe all the attractions of Voronezh, we may get a great book. Therefore, Voronezh is useful for writers to write their own creations. Admiralty Square – one of the main attractions Voronezh. People together it is called simply – "Admiralteyka." The area is located near the reservoir. Even during the Romanov dynasty was built on this area where previously housed shipyard. Nearby is the Church of the Assumption, built in 1694. Despite its age, the church well preserved and operates to this day. Now "Admiralteyka" – a place for festivals and concerts.

Very interesting area around the square. After all, in order to get to the area to walk on crooked and narrow streets. This is very interesting. People immediately understand the true location of the city of Voronezh. This is one of the places where you can see that the city is located on the hills. By the way, and yet still Voronezh – a city where it was first built Admiralty. Here is the first Russian fleet. That's how amazing the city of Voronezh. Became the center of the Russian Shipbuilding Voronezh became a major industrial city. Began to build special factories, textile mills and workshops. That allowed for three months (February – April) to create a relatively large sailing and rowing fleet. This is the sea feat of our city, embodied in centuries. Therefore, "admiralteyku" should be seen in my life every Russian. After all, we need to know the history of our country. Better yet, when historical knowledge are supported by what he saw sights. But no one area is famous Voronezh Admiralty. Voronezh some time actually playing the role of the capital. King with the court – here. Center key events – here. Other European countries in Voronezh are not only diplomats but also the captains, generals, ship masters. There, as in Moscow, the German (ie, foreign) settlement. Established postal communications with Moscow, updated an old road to Moscow. Chernavskii bridge no less remarkable place in Voronezh. Earlier in his place stood a wooden bridge. Near preserved Mitrafanovskaya dam. It is used to transition from walkers one bank to another. Previously, on the left bank was the bargain. Since previously known as settlement, located on the left bank. Now the boot is called the market in that area, and a small area consisting of private houses. Once there was a way out of Moscow toward the south of Russia. Walking down the street Dimitrova, you can refuse to believe it. This bridge was always the best postcards with images from Voronezh. Chernavskii bridge can be called a symbol of the city of Voronezh. Now Bridge under construction, soon it will be possible to behold the beauty of one of the most interesting bridges in Russia. Voronezh land – the birthplace of poets AV Koltsov, and Nikitin, S. Marshak poet and writer A. Platonov, poet Ivan Bunin, and storyteller AN Afanasiev, writers NA Zadonsk and GN Troepol'skaya known narrator AK Baryshnikov and AN Korolkova. Source Blog about the city of Voronezh

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