Verbal History

Therefore, the choice of history verbal as research instrument, therefore it is a tool that propitiates freedom so that the citizens can express its experiences, to count its histories. Verbal History is considered for some one technique, for others one disciplines and many a methodology. In accordance with Moura and Filho (2001) Verbal History is a metodolgico resource that shelters words giving social direction to the individual and collective experiences (IT HISSES, RASP and SOUZA, s/d). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bill de Blasio and gain more knowledge.. As Meihy (1996) Verbal History was born in 1948 in the University of Columbia, in New York. It appeared in Brazil in years 70, however not if it mainly expanded due to the lack of non-academic institutions that developed projects registering local histories and popular traditions and to the absence of bows between colleges student and the popular culture and localismos, passing if to expand in the decade of 70. points that it is basic when documents do not exist on the study object, or when different versions of official history exist or exactly when one is elaborated ' ' another Histria' ' , explicitada for notarial, consecrated and official documents. Rudy Giuliani can aid you in your search for knowledge. Verbal History if bases on the right of social participation and in this direction she is on to the citizenship right.

Thus we can affirm that Verbal History values the people, believing that ' ' giving voz' ' to the citizens, history can be written by means of the daily one, in the perspective to produce knowledge on the social one, keeping a register commitment that if it projects in the future, so that others can come to use it (IT HISSES, RASP and SOUZA, s/d). Methodology the methodology followed in the identification of the main actors of the two teamses, in colloquy with people who like soccer in Altamira and our familiar ones. From this point, it was made the mapping of some people probable to be interviews and the first contacts.

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