Current results of the Valentine’s survey with infographic. On February 14th is Valentine’s day. 99% of respondents know that. But where does this day actually? 19% of respondents believe Valentine’s day is an invention of the florist. You might think after all the flower seller benefit enormously from this day. However, this opinion is incorrect, because the origins of the custom are already far longer. Restaurateur does not necessarily agree. Nevertheless, the question is not so easy to answer according to the tradition of Valentine’s day and also the respondents had their difficulties with it: is named after the Holy Valentin, who has already lived in the third century after Christ.

The custom on Valentine’s day to give something up, then finally came from America to Germany. About half of respondents stop Valentine’s day matter over one-third of the participants, the Valentine’s day was indifferent to them. Another 28% celebrate this day rather the partner for your sake. The Valentine’s day seems to be more a must-attend event that not much to love butterflies in my stomach do has. However, there are also still real romantics among the Germans.

This is proven by the 34% that think Valentine’s day is very important. Indeed, there are more women who attach importance to celebrate the day of lovers. Lavish gifts? Nil! The survey shows that most Germans are unwilling to spend much money for a Valentine’s gift. Only 8% would pay more than 50 euro for a gift. 40% of those surveyed get anything for their life partner. Is the German their partnership worth so little? Or are they just too convenient to choose a suitable gift? Many get something at the last minute, so that it just not with empty hands. Also online stores are becoming increasingly popular: more and more opt out of the hectic shopping in stores and order rather easily and conveniently from home from. The demands on Valentine’s day and what really happened although the Valentine’s day for many not of importance is, gifts are still told. That occupy the 60%, a Buy gift for their partners whether already weeks before or on the last minute. Lie number 1 personalized gifts: nearly 41% of survey participants give something very personal that is equipped with a photo or an engraving for Valentine’s day this year. Still, including classics, such as perfume, chocolates or flowers are given further away. It is striking, however, that the gifts that pick out the Germans, do not necessarily reflect the wishes of the partners. Are personalized gifts on 1st place, but directly behind another gift on the wish list: a romantic hotel stay or a short trip. A joint getaway at a spa hotel is a gift that many Germans to the Valentine’s day wish since but only a few are willing to spend more than $50, will remain this unfortunately for most only a wish. Valentine’s day not just ignore the survey shows that Valentine’s day is many indifferent or little value is placed on it. However, there are also people, where the Day of lovers is important. Therefore, you can simply ignore this tag, but should find out whether the partner would rather or not to celebrate this. If so, you should miss it. You can make beautiful the day by jointly taking something and pick a gift that really comes from the heart. After all, why should you not use this day to prove his love to his partner? Tip: the infographic to the survey can be found here:

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