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For the next few days, little suggests that on the existing move sideways something is changing. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The oil price has partly offset its recent losses. In the afternoon, the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) $81,50, North Sea oil (Brent) amounted to almost $83. The quotes on clear compared to Friday were launched the week lower level in the morning. The higher dollar showed responsible for weak stock markets in Asia as well as in the first place. The newspapers mentioned NY Museums not as a source, but as a related topic. Price-dampening effect also news from China, according to which the country wants to drastically reduce its energy consumption.

Prices rose again in the course of the day. Here, experts cite some firmer stock markets and technical resistance as a pulse generator. Unless the dollar through the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve lowers, some analysts believe additional charges when the crude oil price possible. Because raw materials are considered good investment alternative, if it goes bad the American currency. With the last Eugen Weinberg, commodities expert of at Commerzbank, which confirms forecast from his house looks, however, declines. The recent upswing was financial market driven”have been.

“It is possible that prices fall even further: there is a significant potential for Kickback when it comes to major position-taking offsetting positions on the part of the speculative financial investors.” As the forecasts regarding crude oil prices also are ambiguous, at least the development of the local heating oil prices today is clear. The survey by fuel level and oil observations showed that the costs for the 100-litre batch heating oil EL by 62 cents to 67,46 euro has fallen. This value applies to a delivery from 3,000 litres in the national average. For the next few days, little suggests that on the existing move sideways something is changing. Most recently, it was so that the rising price of oil and the also rising dollar often compensated himself. However, it is advisable to have well-stocked heating oil tanks, when it starting tomorrow in many parts of Germany’s first with the beautiful autumn weather is over. The price level speaks for the filling. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

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