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We are moved by the certainty of that it is task essential of the pertaining to school education to every day surpass and to move away the contained obscurantistas ideas in the preconception, in the racial, social discriminations The violence is a real problem. When constructing a school and an education based on these principles, we had great possibilities to contribute effectively to produce values democratic that institute rights in places of privileges, that value the life, social justice and then the peace! The individual is born as one tabulates flat and fits to the society, for half the faster possible ones, to add to the being a moral and social nature. The task par excellence of the education is, therefore, to create in the man a new being, that will go, with its group, to partilhar of religious beliefs, practical moral, national and professional traditions and collective opinions of all the species. (IT HISSES; PAULINI, p.64, 2007) 3 CONCLUSION The process to reach the peace and to finish with these types of violncias in the world, mainly between the young, is a long process, is not of the night for the day that this picture sera reverted. The change must start in house. If all the entities (public, private, churches, society in general) if to join in the fight against the violence and only to use the education as focus to decide this problem, the possibilities to finish with the very bigger violence sera. But this sera only possible if all we to make our part, to obtain to change the world, first we must be change that we want to see in the people. 4> University Center Leonardo of the Vinci, 2007.

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