Four Paws service vacation relaxing on board with pet: on Board of TT-line, four-legged friends are welcome! -Best four-paws service on TT-Line Board: dog toilets, spout on a leash, pet cabins (with extra charge) – simple crossing: from 15 euro per pet – TT-Line Ferry from Travemunde and Rostock to Trelleborg Hamburg/Travemunde, July 2012 is the holiday season and so the question of what to do with Tintin or Karlo arises for many pet owners. Unimaginable for many to leave the beloved four-legged friends in a small hotel or in the cargo hold of an airplane alone to leave. Who chooses the journey to Scandinavia with the ships of TT-Line (, needs to worry about: here pets can enjoy maximum comfort! Frauchen(-s Liebling) feels is probably the poodle may dogs pet owners while shop is the ride on board by TT-line on the passenger decks are kept on short leashes inside and outside, the restaurant or the cafeteria, the panorama bar and the SEA & SAVE reserved. Special dog toilets are located on the outdoor decks. All ferries also offer pet cabins. Even on day trips it is advisable to book a cab for animals, because during the crossing to/from Sweden, the car decks are closed and may not be entered ( de/Germany/onboard/animals onboard /).

While master and the four-legged aboard their spin, mistress of the cafeteria in the restaurant or on the deck in the Sun relaxes. Sauna, gym, Jacuzzi, theater and panoramic stand bar for the ideal holiday home available on the TT-Line premium ships Nils Holgersson and Peter Pan from Travemunde. Who let the dogs out? Sweden is the ideal holiday destination of the dogs. Deep forests and secluded Lakes, long beaches and endless dunes: optimal conditions for extended passages of dog-walking and exploring. Dogs must be kept as a rule on a leash, this is true also in the great outdoors during the period from March 1 to August 20, to protect the wild animals there.

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