Traditional Chinese Medicine

Below it follows a small description and indication of each one of them: Acupuntura, used therapeutical modality originally for the Chinese traditional medicine, today adequately integrated the practical conventional doctor. It functions through the stimulation of specific points in the body of the individual, where if it uses needles, heat (moxabusto), windy, laser and massages. One consists a valuable therapeutical resource, as much in the assistencial aspect, as preventive, with performance integrated to the other medical specialties. Inside of the Chinese conception, the acupuntura has as principle the physical and mental balance of the individual (16). Bioenergtica, considered one specialty of Psychology, works through verbal, corporal and the breath the emotional contents. Specific exercises are used, with the objective of distensionar and facilitating the expression of the feelings.

Mainly it is indicated, for people with emotional problems and psychosomatic illnesses (16). Homeopatia is a therapeutical system developed by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann in century XVIII, based in the beginning of the similarity, that is, a medicine that is capable to provoke symptoms in a healthy individual, is also capable to cure these same symptoms in a sick individual. The medicines are of animal, vegetal and mineral origin. In the homeoptica consultation the patient is seen as a whole, what she is made through anamnese of the physical and emotional symptoms. The unit possesss a pharmacy that it manipulates and disponibiliza the Homeoptica medication for the taken care of patients (16). Lian gong (lian is pronounced cum) is a type of therapeutical gymnastics with 17 exercises, developed in China, for the Dr. Zhuang Yuen Ming, ortopedista doctor of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the decade of 60. It has as objective the treatment and prevention of the algias, disfunes of the internal agencies and reestablishment of the emotional balance (16). Nutrition, considering itself it importance of a good feeding for one more good quality of life and the prevention of illnesses, is carried through lectures and consultations with nutritionists who examine the state nutricional of the users, evaluates the factors related with problems of feeding, elaborating cardpios and diets special with suggestions on the gradual introduction of more nutritional and economic natural products for the population (16).

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