The Promised Land Flowing With Milk And Honey Where Christianity

The Promised Land flowing with milk and honey. NY Museums : the source for more info. In the State of Morelos place where they build the “promised land” and will be a community inhabited exclusively by fellow Christians. By: Jose Alberto Salgado Betanzos. Director General of the project: “The Promised Land” Taxco Guerrero June 13th 2009 Today with great joy, I would publicly announce the great news, that I have been entrusted with the execution of the great colonizing project, to develop in the State of Morelos place where it will build “The Promised Land” and is inhabited exclusively by fellow Christians. “The Promised Land” is the name of this new community that will be inhabited exclusively by Christian believers. This is a unique project that aims to reproduce in various parts of the Republic and ensured its success will be copied by other countries and is the State of Morelos, where will be the first Christian housing complex. In this place, many facilities will have to buy a field, or house, with cash and credit costs really cheap, but will have to comply with a strict requirement: Being Christian Believers and meet the strict regulations, zero sale of intoxicating liquors, and cigars, much less drugs.

In this place, is prohibited auditory and visual pollution, with an environment committed to respect each other, peace, harmony and prosperity. With the start of construction of houses and all that involve the formation and organization of this new community will generate thousands of new, well-paying stable jobs, but only have access to them exclusively Christian brothers, we all have work. There will be truly comfortable in spacious facilities and appropriate services to meet all needs, with green areas, rivers, recreation centers, schools, universities, houses of worship, etc. monitoring. Etc. They will also have the ability to change or property on account of other parties to purchase homes in the long-awaited “Promised Land” flowing with milk and honey that our Creator has promised us all their children in the scriptures. And even automotive units may be traded in exchange. Remember Jesus was a Jew.

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