The First JOb

1. Need to decide what kind of work we dream Does this work with our specialty in high school. Way of thinking about the next one – a future doctor or nurse can get a good experience working nurse (incidentally, a good reason to test their reaction to the realities of the hospital), psychologists and sociologists can work the interviewers when conducting marketing research. Do not forget to inquire from their teachers, and suddenly they prompt a great way to work. On the way to the next lecture, look into the student council – and sometimes shoots a stick, perhaps there is a good job for a smart head. 2. Professional experience – this is a very important factor when taking to work. If it is possible to find a place closer to the functional specialty of our future – agree.

Even if the pay offer as a travel and rekomendatsionnoe letter, consider it a great chance. While fellow students playing computer games, we begin to fill in your record. 3. Community organizations provide an excellent opportunity to gain experience and to declare itself as a specialist. And let the money we do not earn, but we get an idea of future work in combat conditions. And, importantly, make a serious contribution to society. Incidentally, in Europe and North America in public organizations are trying to work even stars of show business and politics. This is an indicator of the civil responsibility of the person.

Choose the organization to his liking, and start to save the forests and lakes, to care for the elderly, to advise of drug addicts and to feed the homeless. 4. Additional education and experience in business can be obtained by passing courses free of charge to any insurance company. Serious insurers gladly provide free training for their agents, where you can learn sales techniques and business communication. If we feel that active sales – it is our vocation, stayed to work in an insurance company. There might be a spectacular career in a very short time. If we do not want to make a sale deed of his life, it still finishes courses (good knowledge is always useful), we obtain a certificate, politely thank in response to a proposal to buy a policy (or agree, insurance may be useful) and go further. Incidentally, the same trick we can crank out with network marketing companies – there can be an excellent formal education in the field of sales. Each of us wants to get a job at the first attempt. When This work should be to find a comfortable office, getting big salaries and systematic study of the content of Web pages. This situation certainly occurs, but not very often. If a student wants to own succeed, we must be ready to work, the question of wages was originally in the first place not to (when we ourselves zarekomenduem will pay a lot) and do not forget about the development. Bosses should see us respond to our questions and talking to himself dreamily: "Ah, youth! I have his energy! ".

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