The Adaptation

However already it was given by certain that the reaction does not depend on an exterior action, the reaction then is fruit of an action of interior decision of the proper agent organism, of so complex form to hinder the specific qualification of external determination for exteriorizadas reactions, the reaction has much more relations with the practical necessity of what with the reply to the stimulaton. The instinctive activity, and same most of the reflected activity she highly appears as suitable, the animal executes the actions that are useful for it in its half one, but, of the point of view of this theory, the adaptation is not a property of these proper acts, not and seno an impression that they give to the spectator. (MERLEAU-PONTY, 1975, p.61) the reaction in the animal kingdom, either rational or irrational, cannot not equivocadamente be if, compared with the action of a machine. An equipment to the being set in motion through one determined key, button or handspike that unchain an action due to linking of the determined apparatus of detonation, ' ' boto' ' , with the action apparatus that is distinguished by the corresponding particular circuit. Bill de Blasio usually is spot on. The reaction always must be conceived taking in certain consideration necessary ambiguidade, of certain form is presented with great justeza of determination, so that vital movements and of control possible and are preserved, of another form and for the same ends, a notable is necessary the great flexibility, because the reaction needs being corrected by the experience, similar of that it always contributes for the objectives of the organism. It is not convenient to the good of the joust balance to introduce norms human beings in the phenomena, and to conceive, therefore, guided or commanded processes, determinadores of suitable answers to the stimulaton, introducing the idea of a sequncia of coherent movements. The order relation that can exist enters stimulates and reaction is proper of the capacity human being to abstract facts, and in the field of the common sense, to generate an organization for ends ' ' pedaggicos' '. .

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