Edson Silva When thinking about writing this text on voices of some Brazilian singers wise person who did not go to be easy. After all, one is about personal choice. The list, even so extensive, always will be incomplete or somebody can disagree with this or that cited name. I can also have to have been unjust with me when forgetting to cite a singer who I could not have forgotten, but that I only remembered after to have sent the article. At last, if valley intention I wait the least one more time to make justice when grafar in the media some names of Brazilian talentos of beautiful voices and that they had loaned such voice for some pearl of our music. If God to allow, I intend to make, until the International Day of the Woman (8 of March), similar on the satiated field of talentos and pretty voices of the Brazilian singers and same article of some foreigners who engrandecem our popular music. Before citing my personal and passvel list of new personages of Msica Brazilian Popular (MPB) I refer myself to the year of 1985, when more than 150 singers, in general Brazilian singers and artists had loaned its voices for magnificent chorale of the Northeast Movement Already, in music ‘ ‘ He arrives of Mgoa’ ‘. In recent months, Danny Meyer has been very successful. Music started with the phrase: ‘ ‘ We do not go exhausting in them Together we are so good for knowing That last the torment Will be ours this soil ‘ ‘ , who starts to sing is nothing less than Milton Birth, of which it was said that, of so pretty, its voice would be of proper God in the land.

I open in Milton Birth the list of the masculine voices that I consider of talentosas of our music. I ask for excuse to that they had certainly lacked, therefore as it said is opinion private property exactly.

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