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Berliner Allee

We have found that there is a huge need for advice on decision level. No slogans and long lists of product features help here. First and foremost involves benefits and risks, not to short-term marketing models these companies long-term goals … Continue reading

RecordJet Nokia Ovi, Media Markt And Saturn Takes On Board

25 new MP3 stores in the offer / no additional costs for existing customers recordJet can your title now also in the Nokia Music Store Ovi customers of the digital music distribution platform and entertainment of supervised stores list all … Continue reading

Relaunch Of The Beutler Design Online Stores

The Beutler design online store for stick and textile design presents itself in a new design and features a new product range. The desire for individuality in the today’s time is stronger than ever, and long gone are the days … Continue reading

More And More Fashion Blogs Open Its Doors

Fashion blogs in the last few months will find there are more and more interested readers on the Internet for many years the so-called bloggers. While it is operator of blogs where on a particular topic, it can it really … Continue reading

Bernd Stieber Internet

Technique tip Bernd Stieber Internet world business. Issue 04 2010 most online shoppers have several times before purchasing contact with various advertising media. Understanding the interaction of these instruments in the online-marketing-mix is therefore for the continuous optimization of the … Continue reading

Secure Password Generate And Use

Create strong passwords – use – storage – backup of one’s computer password cracked is probably the nightmare of every Internet users. Thus, the attacker has access to various online accounts of the password owner may without having noticed this … Continue reading

Recently The Site Check – 6 Episode: Target Group Orientation – Who Are The Readers?

At the Web site checks in the EC-M a test point also the subject ‘Objectives and target group orientation’. Who offers a site on the Internet, should be always aware, he holds its contents for whom and why he does … Continue reading

Internet Letter Instead Of Authority Gang

To send more security for the correspondence in the letters of the Internet, online barg has some risks. Especially in business correspondence and administrative matters, it was more advisable to use the postal service. The Internet letters now offer more … Continue reading