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Nobert Rottgen Speaks Before Boards

“Prof. Dr. Hubertus Domschke, PPC plan project consult, shows the large ecological and economic potential of BtL fuel on Berlin, 22.01.2012 – on January 18, 2012, the event was innovation from Saxony new energies” held in the representation of the … Continue reading

Federal Environment Ministry

The current price is made up of etc. Network charges, stock market trading prices and the EEG assessment together. So the renewable energy levy wore to the recent electricity price rises just 0.062 cents per kilowatt-hour for the majority made … Continue reading

Frank Gralla REW

A perspective that is attractive to its own photovoltaic plant for many consumers. Electricity costs are a controversial issue in Germany. No wonder: the German citizens at the turn of the Millennium paid still 13,94 cents for the kilowatt hour, … Continue reading

Federal Republic

The results can be graphically via an Internet mapping service, the by smart Geomatics is provided on our own servers. Based on the analysis of potential, the company for municipalities offers an extended performance package that includes consulting services and … Continue reading