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Catastrophic Nature

Citizens, I write and hope for your understanding that you will hear me and will not be indifferent to their fate, their health. As the old adage, seven times measure, cut once. The whole problem in the Kuban River, which … Continue reading

ECOportal Moscow

Existing environmental legal framework of the Russian Federation head of called 'bulky'. According to him, in particular, taken on 10 federal laws, one way or another related to ecology, 140 governmental regulation on environmental issues, 200 acts of subjects of … Continue reading

International Olympic Committee

We have repeatedly told in our news about the recent increase in cases of alien contact with representatives of flora and fauna in inappropriate for them to habitats. But in this case, the catch of sea trout in Seine can … Continue reading

World Wildlife Fund

Organizers of the action plan to bring to dog owners about the need to remove the waste products of their animals while walking on the lawns, parks and other places. It is planned that the shares will be attended by … Continue reading

Bird Flu

Overview of events for the week of 17/03/2008 to 23/03/2008. In Moscow, killing birds and walk the streets of wild animals in the beginning of the week in many media outlets have been alarming reports of that, in the courtyard … Continue reading

Utilities Service

Over the past nearly 130 years it has become the most powerful for December. Utilities Service of Northern capital were unable to cope with such a welter. On December 20 in St. Petersburg fell more than the monthly norm of … Continue reading