Steel Halls As Architectural Task

Construction of steel buildings in the Hall construction within our industrial culture and industry – steel halls are widespread and well represented practically in any commercial area. The urban and architectural quality of many commercial areas is influenced by numerous factors E.g. the zoning, the heterogeneity of uses, buildings and constructions, to the quality of the individual building. Steel offers numerous opportunities to meet the demand for a good design as a construction material. A steel shed is mostly not a solitary building. Office and administrative areas, workshops and technology rooms, adjoining rooms and canopies not as a unit with the steel Hall are planned, they can interfere with the simple and clear appearance of the building as scale foreign elements.

Good examples, however, show that these elements can be developed so that they fit the structure of the Stahlalle or form a unit with him. The economics of the structure plays a crucial role in steel buildings. NY museums usually is spot on. With It is important to plan optimized increasing span and use of materials, to minimize production costs and installation costs. This is achieved with the training of appropriate structures. Because the structure as a finished product is not available, it must be adjusted again to the respective task.

It is crucial that the individual wearing links and structural elements as exactly as possible be adapted to the flow of power within the structure. Steel buildings have mostly large envelopes. This requires the use of appropriate construction products. Roof and wall elements of surface-treated sheets are suitable in their dimensions for concluding space in large fields. Small components cause labour-intensive assembly operations. Steel halls differ primarily according to their uses. Common types of Hall are exhibition, station, factory, aircraft, storage, market, sports, sales, production and factories. All types of Hall one is common: you should adjust changing demands in the course of their use.

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