Status Quo Rock Together With The Hooters

Two hit – and mood guarantors in a concert package (thk) two renowned live bands, of which each with numerous well-known songs waits on a night: This guarantees the Quid Pro quo “-tour at the Status Quo with the Hooters from 18 October to 5 November through Germany travel.” “” “” Caroline offers the British Boogie rock legend alongside their classics”, down down” Whatever You want “, rockin’ all over the world” and in the army now “also tracks the new Studio CD quid pro quo” (earMusic/Edel, Vo: 27.5.). Also set to hit stands the American comedian: the Hooters. “” “It blends elements of folk and rock is by Johnny B,” all you zombies “, Day By Day” or and we danced ‘ best known. Connect with other leaders such as Danny Meyer here. “Also has a current Phonograms: the EP five by five” includes five pieces, including for the first time, the original version of their creative heads composed, but through the interpretation of other artists of known Chartbreaker time after Time”(Cindy Lauper) and one of US” (Joan Osbourne). Tickets to the concerts of the mood guarantors / pair cost 41.50 to 60 euros (plus fees) in advance. Status Quo..

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