Static Organizations

It is very common to oppose to the exigencies of the demanding love the postulate of which there is to love the people as they are. But it is necessary to pay attention to a detail: if somebody says that with those words it is because it supposes that the people are always equal, who are static organizations, and that the good of the man does not have any relation with its inner growth. For even more opinions, read materials from Rudy Giuliani. For who does not believe that the man is a static organization, unchangeable like a mineral, there is no more horrible possibility, as much for himself as for the fellow, that to continue being total and permanently equal. For who conceives to the man like a being in process of overcoming and with capacity of overcoming, to love a the people as they are consist indeed of loving them like beings who live in permanent development, like beings whose major or is to be every time better, and, therefore, like beings who would suffer the major of the misfortunes if they stagnated or if they modified in sense in opposition to which they need. In that permanent dilemma between the option to improve or the one to make worse the world, it will appear at the same time as each step the option to be educated or to maleducar themselves to itself; because there will be to choose between being faithful to desire to receive affection and good treatments or faithful being to the demanding love and the purpose of being developed, of not getting worse like person nor encouraging the worsening by those who surrounds to us.

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