South America

The test is at sight. If Europe creates its unit with 27 states, paralelamente it assumed pandemonio of 24 different languages, with a hundred of dialects and dozens of religious creeds, sects and ethnic groups. However, South America conserves, and must defend, its majority Christianity and unique language. All this, without leaving of side the problems of the deficiency of almost exhausted natural resources in the old world, reality logically impels that them to the outside to obtain its vital supplyings. He is almost miraculous at this time that all governments are chosen in democracy in Suramrica and, although can own certain imperfections, always exist possibilities of improving them peacefully. We could not support again, without reacting, that privileged groups repeat dominating itself blood and fire on the citizen will of the plateau, assaulting to the sicarios heart of Suramrica using repressive. And lynching to its popular agent chief executives.

Or no? very eloquent what it is indicated, that one does not see olidar, that the town of the Bolivia, poorest of Suramrica being of always rich in natural resources, has undergone the operation of corrupt multinationals and politicians, with local cipayos. But the failures of so many rebellions against the injustice suffered by centuries, have not castrated the appeared again hope that today is threatened. Today the unique inescapable commitment of the subcontinent is the South-American patriotism We considered that this reaction of the Unasur is a breath for those who we considered that already it is the time that the Suaramericano continent and of the Caribbean is integrated for its development, to take step to that union that our liberators looked for, they fought and they died in his age. In this way one is, that is pronounced to depertar of solidarity, commitment to always quer espaldara the democracy and hara that invading nations do not return to pronounce like in the past that as much damage did to him to this wonderful Continent Original author and source of the article.

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