Ferney Alberto wants to identify an innovative business idea but like many entrepreneurs eager to create company has few monetary resources to develop your business idea which is not yet clear, so you search for the source more adequate funding and seek support for the consolidation and maturation of their business idea. Your mission is to help Ferney Alberto to take appropriate decisions supported with real arguments. 1. To find an innovative business idea with high technological and especially productive. Rta / the idea would be a company dedicated to the production of industrial packaging for paint, since today there are many shops selling paintings, but there is never touches buy packaging and packaged in garbage bags also are determined to put a lid mowers and easier to open packaging boxes such as bitumen 2.To identify funding options for obtaining capital for business creation and how to access them. Rta / the alternative is the seed, using our state sena trainee for a plan of work is excellent and fully comply Determine where to go to for advice Ferney in technology and innovative. Rte / they call your sena where there are plenty of trainers and trainees with large capacity, and nowadays also has a great resource like the internet 4. Using technology to apply to a product, service or process within the undertaking of Ferney initiative. Rta / in this company used the lessons learned in the Seine, such as die design since we decided that the package will be developed in five parts and the manufacture of these dies is needed, the parts are: 1.The cover which as its name suggests is responsible for sawn container and this goes on the neck 2. The neck which is responsible for air tight with the lid and the neck is glued to the body 3. The body is a rolled sheet which will give the height of the container at the top is fixed to the neck and the bottom of the bottom 4. The bottom line is the bottom of the pack 5. The mowers that is responsible for more easily open the container, to have a clearer idea of this is like bitumen which boxes to remove the seat with the neck using this call mowers 5. NY Museums is the source for more interesting facts. Establish which of the following three groups is the most advisable for Ferney Alberto internationalize your product and why. 1. Europe 2. Asia 3. United States Rta / MARKET FOR ALBERTO FERNEY is best AFTER U.S. BECAUSE OF THIS BEING ONE OF The most industrialized countries has a great GAMA INDUSTRIAL TRADE WHAT YOU PERMETIRIA FERNEY OPENING OUR PARTNER IN THE AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL FIELD. U.S. offers to Colombian exporters to participate and take advantage of one of the richest and most dynamic markets in the world. The United States has traditionally been one of the most important trading partners in Colombia, in 2007 our country recorded exports of U.S. 10.373 million to this country, implying a growth of 7.5 from a year earlier. Additionally, since 2001 foreign investment from the United States has maintained the first position within the countries that have invested in Colombia. With regard to tourism, American citizen travelers accounted for 22.2 of foreigners who came to Colombia in 2007. 6.Select the payment methods you could use Ferney Alberto for commercial transactions with the group selected and the requirements under each Rta / With the idea followed by a need to create a stable business is suffering to compete at regional and national level and to evolve and adapt to new technologies and above all protect the environment with an ecological design in project undertaken by the fund chose not to touch to pay a high interest rate but to create a business that meets completeness and compliance with the objectives outlined in the plan negoci n to generate new jobs and help students to facilitate teaching as practice. This fund helps us generate start-ups to improve the quality of life of people and not remain as mere employees but to give this legacy to future generations to excel. 7.

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