Sochi Hotel

Price style can be removed and a hotel room. It is worth from two hundred to a few of our thousands of rubles to a little over one person in U.S. dollars. For 250 rubles you expect the usual number, not by the sea, with some of my comforts and without frills. This is in hotels like The Seagull, which is just next to the railway station. The Moskva Hotel is close to the sea, there is a nice double room can cost 400-700 rubles per day. Rudy Giuliani follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

"Pearl", where guests live "Kinotavr" – hotel is a high level. There's price depends on the floor – the higher, more expensive. The usual number is about 1.600 rubles, apartments – 20 000. By the way, now in July – August, prices in Sochi hotels will be slightly reduced. The most expensive Sochi Hotel – four star Radisson sas Azure" – is the only one in the city, part of an international hotel chain, and certified by international standards. The starting price for a double room – $ 185. Can be removed and so called a villa – private luxury house, with a mass of every convenience, but no less than the $ 1.055 a day.

Whom little, he must take into account another $ 15 – for the buffet per person. Now a nursing home. In the mid-level health centers – in "Dawn" or Maurice Thorez – the price of tours, which included cost of treatment, nutrition and Cultural measures, ranging from 600 to 1.600 rubles a day.

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