What snowboard you should buy and why a good equipment is always worth why is a proper snowboard equipment worth! Who does not dream of a beautiful snowy slope down to nozzles, swinging through the deep snow. But before then, there are for beginners a lot. What do I need for an equipment, which snowboard should I choose, etc, etc. The snowboard equipment should be well chosen, who would have selected brand stuff, usually very deep must engage in a purse, I speak here from experience. But the investment in good snowboard worthwhile equipment, this should even the next few years, decades work and used, yet fashionable look. Also carries high-quality equipment for personal protection to and is often a better build quality, as well as useful additional features such as air vents in the snowboard jacket or waterproof coating, as well as a cloth to clean the snowboard goggles. Which snowboard should you buy? Buy a snowboard is almost as heavy as Snowboard learn. There are about 100 different types of snowboards. To simplify here the two main styles, which help the right snowboard for you to find. All mountain – freeride a freestyle or all mountain snowboard is not so much for the full speed drive, but rather have to beautiful cruising and fun in all types of terrain. It is specifically driven by people who want to make wild tricks and stunts with their Board. A short Freestyle snowboard for beginners often is a good solution because it allows easier to swing the Board and maneuver. Carve and carve Alpine and Alpine style snowboards can go only in one direction, because they are raised in front and rear flattened. The snowboarders lays down very far into the corners and is available with fixed snowboard boots in the binding. These snowboards are preferred mostly by people who want to renounce on tricks and just the slope down whiz. A few tips at the end before you now in the next shop run, only clear for you what you want. You want the whole freedom Freestile or Alpine, or simply just quickly go down the mountain? Let you then in a shop, advice or get you learn more tips on snowboarding in the Internet. There is often the opportunity to rent a snowboard, to find out the best variant to its appropriate style before spends a few thousand euros for clever snowboard equipment. Mostly, there is the possibility to rent themselves to collect the first turns and experience these things in the ski and snowboard areas. Daniel Gaiswinkler

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