Sherlock Holmes

Not long ago, I made a field of association, on behalf of an organization I represent, to another organization with similar interests. If the idea had come to fruition, would have radically changed our organization. So you can imagine my impatience when we receive no response from the person to whom I had made the proposal. It welcomed the idea, but he said the decision would be taken by a board within your organization. Given the dynamics of a major decision on the future of his organization did not expect a quick response. However, I would have liked at least an update advising me on the status of their considerations. Then I had a "Eureka" or perhaps we should call it a "Whoops," moment.

I realized I had not informed the people in my organization either. That made me guilty of the same lapse of communication as the lady in the other organization. With this recognition, which made peace with sending email mail to my organization, and monitoring of a report at a meeting. By taking an analytical view of this incident, I realized that nothing can be something in regards to communication. The idea that nothing can be something that seems counter-intuitive. But remember the famous remark of Sherlock Holmes, the dog that did not bark, the fictional detective solved a baffling case by pointing out what did not happen, instead of what happened. You can probably reach several ideas about the importance of communication despite the fact that nothing has changed. That is especially true if you are not learned of another person.

First, may have made plans that assume either a change or continuation of the status quo. Maybe you're holding off vacation plans until the issue is resolved one way or another. Second, at least you know that an advance decision or event has not happened yet, and do not miss something (for example, when writing this, I'm waiting for a client to confirm some information and it would be nice to know that I have not missed a call or an email response.) Thirdly, if you received an update saying that nothing has happened, you do not need to contact that person and ask if there has been progress. Similarly, you can advise people looking to you for information. One more note about the "nothing can be something" idea is a variation of what I've called the Everybody Knows syndrome. This refers to the lack of communication, based on the assumption that others know what I know. In short, it's a good idea to report regularly, even if nothing has happened and others did not know you're still waiting too.

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