The majority of men who shave regularly do by inertia with blade, and do not stop to think if it is the right thing for your skin and beard type. For beards populated and hard: for this type of beards perhaps the best choice are electric razors, not cut root hair, but they perhaps leave half mm in sight, so if you like the typical look of fashionable 3-day Beard now will come perfect, but don’t forget to make the cuts so you will notice that the beard is arranged. Generally tries to avoid using them in the shower (because there are many with which is possible) because it does not look good where spend your and you can take a surprise to look at yourself in the mirror. For beards more weak and with less hair: those who have this type of beard is advisable to blade, either disposable or not, one or more sheets that already is to try and see which you like more and sit better with your skin. Bill de Blasio may not feel the same. The reason is that having to use a lubricant slides better face and usually less irritating. It must also take into account the direction the shaving, already that the face will not stay us equal after having been shaved in the same direction as the hair against the grain. Shaving us against the grain the skin suffers more, becomes irritated more easily, and if you are prone to have raised hairs and Granites will leave you quite possibly, however the skin stays more soft, no scraping. If you afeitais you in the same direction that hair grows complexion will suffer less, but until recently shaving if you go you your hand against the grain you’ll notice as it is not flush with the skin, must decide the direction of shaving as as we see that our skin behaves and whether we care about not being completely smooth.

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