Selective Research

After conducting research on the selective waste collection program and proof of good results is completes which is feasible the selective waste collection program. Keyword: concept and benefits of selective collection. Introduction In the last times the world if has collated with a preoccupying problem, that affects the quality of life of the people, mainly in the urban centers. Very frequent me the destination of the garbage that we produce, each human being on average produces 1 kg of garbage per day, looking at of a form not so critical would be a considered amount low, more after a somatria of all a population will perceive that it is an extreme amount of discarded material, more the society is sensetizing and if acquiring knowledge, looking for alternative for the problem. According to (TETRA PAK, 2008) one of the practical ones more used is the recycling, presenting excellent results, demonstrating that the discarded materials can be transformed into diverse objects the base of glass, metal, plastic and paper. For this an adequate process of discarding is necessary, election and destination. The most recommended it is the selective collection, this program brings diverse ambient, economic and social advantages. Some of them would be the increase of the useful life of the sanitary aterros, reduction of the ambient problems caused by the inadequate discarding of the garbage and the reduction in the extration of the natural resources, as oil, bauxite and water. The program of selective collection serves to correctly organize of differentiated form recycled the solid residues that can be destined and. So that this happens must work the sensitization and awareness of all the population, have the initiative to search solutions adequate and stimulate to all to collaborate for this social matter, minimizing the problem, therefore it will be preserving the environment, guaranteeing and making possible one better quality of life for itself exactly and the future generations that they turn.

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