Seeking New Methods

By the end of 2008, announced in late January, Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, Russian ministries and agencies could save more than 100 billion rubles. By his estimation, these results were achieved by the organization and holding of tenders for the provision of construction and contracting works. Number of bids increases in proportion to the number of participants of this event. Earlier in the auction was attended by two or three companies (mainly the larger organization), now take the fight dozens of companies. The growing interest of small and medium-sized businesses to competitive procedures in selecting a contractor led to increased attention to mechanisms of functioning of this system.

For example, since September 2008 propleks Group, Russia's largest producer of pvc window profile of Austrian technology, launched a program to support Window manufacturers participating in the tenders. "We are ready to provide partners with all necessary technical documentation to provide legal advice to draw our experts to participate in the presentation of the project at tender ", – said Rafiq Alekperov, a specialist company propleks. The state is also ready to contribute to the expansion of "circle" members of competitive procedures. "Especially for small companies we have provided collective form of filing. It is convenient because there is the possibility of merging regional companies with local firms, which are near the construction site already have all the necessary equipment and construction materials "- spoke at a recent press conference the head of the Department of Trade cc Olympstroi Alex Bereznitsky.

The more companies participating in tenders, the greater question of criteria for choosing the winners. Previously, almost unconditionally customer took into account only the price, but with increasing competition, an increasing number of unscrupulous companies, who for the sake of obtaining an order exhibiting a minimum "price" for their services, then simply do not hold down a job. For this reason, actively begin to apply different parameters to determine the winners. As noted by Alex Bereznitsky, "the main criteria for selection is a skill, technical ability (Number of techniques), experience and financial condition of the contractor during last 3 years. Prospective organizers of the contest will benefit from the experience not only ha Olympstroi, but also international organizations. For example, in the recommendations for conduct tenders of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers fidic (FIDIC) contains advice to pre-qualify bidders. In this case, evaluate the qualifications of staff of the company, its resources, experience in performing the necessary work, financial stability. Only after passing such a "screening", firms can begin to compete on "price" criterion by offering more favorable terms. "The program preparation for the tenders, we are ready to reduce the costs of our partners by providing additional discounts, and also by optimizing the cost of accessories "- Rafiq said Alekperov. Ultimately, the more experienced firms to take part in the competition, the more likely the customer get a quality supply at the lowest price. For construction companies themselves tenders – another promising way to replenish "portfolio" of orders in any, not just the crisis, time.

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