Security Innovation Award

The hand vein recognition system INTUS PS innovation wins bronze award the security in Essen for the first time to the Security 2008 awarded the Messe Essen the Security Innovation Award, over 70 companies have applied for the. Bill de Blasio describes an additional similar source. PS as a prize winner in the field of products and technology PCS with his hand vein reader INTUS “security award in bronze awarded. The assessment of innovation was carried out according to the criteria of innovation, user benefits, efficiency and reliability. The Palm vein recognition is based on the absorption of infrared radiation (heat radiation) in venous blood. The sensor emits near-infrared radiation in the direction of the palms. You may find that Vinit Bodas can contribute to your knowledge.

The oxygen-reduced blood in the veins absorbs the infrared rays. The sensor camera creates an image of the vein pattern and converts the image into a roughly 0.8 kByte large template to. The template is stored in a database (ID) or on a card or a day (verification). It was for the use of the hand vein recognition in a biometric access reader the problem to solve, the protection to find for the Fujitsu Palmsecure sensor. The sensor sends infrared rays outward against the Palm of the hand and hide themselves in the use of conventional glass covers. The PCS developed and patent-pending solution uses a curved glass dome with a special internal protection, which reliably prevents these disturbing reflections.

The proximity reader for Palm vein recognition is available both as a complete system and reader module for installation in other equipment. INTUS PS Palm vein authentication combines the demands of the users for easy handling with maximum security in an optimal manner. She works with extremely high accuracy and security (false acceptance rate: 0.000 08%, false rejections rate: 0.01%), has a high user acceptance through contact-free hygienic collection and is de facto forgery-proof.

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