Sea Of The Life

Sea of the life Great as the sea. I will never find in my trip sea adentro so precious and true rock. Man boy. Fascinating, attractive and seductive as the deep one of the oceans. Transparent and perpetual as the crystalline water As well as the Atlantic he never knows who it forgets it. The smile as the white foam of the waves. The ternura that emanates of your being softens the sea in storm.

Brilliant in the ideas and ideal which the seen sea in the distance. Fort and insurance as the rocks that firm receive the waves I pacify and of the peace which the sea in calmness. Scholar as the imensido of the seas. Red in the ideology Admired and admirable which the impressionvel sea seen of high You are great of heart and candy as the sea in full moon night. You! Oh! God! It was a sea that passed in my life. Carmen Santana 21.09.2011

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