San Gregorio Magno

For prof. Hans Naegeli de Zurich, there is a transcendental power, which would be a physical energy unknown under the control of a psychic energy, which could be the one that produces the voices. While the physicist Rudolph, believes it is a subcuantica energy, which would be filling the Cosmos. According to him, all forms of energy in the world would not be more than derivatives or byproducts of this energy, whose manifestations one way or in another, would depend on the acceleration or slowing of their vibrations. From the above statements we can deduce that we are manipulating a smart living energy, which we are still unaware of its existence and origin for lack of a physical medium for could manifest itself reliably all quit indicate that from the psychological point of view, we are in the presence of one energy that influences on the psyche, so that it gives rise to a desire of others, very intelligent and projected in the recordings. Here it should be the concern of Teilhard de Chardin, manifested in his book of the human phenomenon, that we’re beginning to resolve one of the several unknowns of man, that really separate him of a world, or a totally different dimension, from a plane that our senses do not capture but that lead us through our intuition alwaysby meditation and our eternal unshakeable faith of a beyond.

To end this first attempt to publicize the importance of the phenomenon of the (staying slope in upcoming articles on deepening the theories and casuistry), is worth mentioning the importance of the psicofonia in the Aula of the University of Berne and also where the Switzerland Association of parapsychology distributed on February 24, 1973 corresponding to 1972 Awards, being the second for father Leo Sumid, pastor of Oeschgen, in recognition to his research about the phenomenon of the voices, recorded on audio tapes. Precisely, because of the seriousness with which this society has carried out investigations, the prestigious Parapsychology Fondation in New York, wanted to finance research work corresponding to the other years ahead that performs the Switzerland Association of parapsychology Finally, let us remember, that Papa Pablo VI conferred the Grand Cross of Commander of San Gregorio Magno on 28 August 1972 to Friedich Jurgenson, for his research work on the uptake of voices and music of unknown origin. Finally, you may notice, that the study of this phenomenon is of importance in the scientific world and the serious interest that researchers granted. Let us not forget the concern expressed by Robert Tocquet when he says: the tangible world, that such importance we attach is no more than one part and a true reflection of the living mundi. Engineer, Secretary of the Chilean society of parapsychology * summary of the Conference issued the international Bilingual College.

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