RSCU Projects

On "Seliger" Elena came already in the role of organizer, co-ordination of people involved, record keeping, record keeping, meeting guests. Students RSCU, as well as others, lived in a huge tent camp, situated between two bays of Lake Seliger. It was so great that without help to find their temporary place of residence was not possible. The population of the town was more than seven thousand people. Under trees – parking delegations: tents. The meadows – the "area" of the scenes connected by paved boards "avenues." Chief among them – Knowledge avenue leading to the city of innovation. Main areas were three: area for the morning builds "area of opportunity", which hosted the advice of expert committees on projects and agreements concluded with a VIP-guests of the camp and training area. In the study area located ten white tents – lecture halls.

Compulsory education program consisted of four lectures a day. Under normal circumstances such a requirement would not scare the students, however, being close to the sandy beach and cool lake is not easy will raise a fist and hold almost the whole day in the classroom. Perched on rugs, half-sitting, reclining, the students listened to and discussed the main courses. Lectures begin at 10:00 am and ended at 7pm. Each unit studied separately, but there were events that united delegation or a forum. One of the principal was a teleconference with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Forum participants discussed with the head State topical issues, and most daring presented him with their projects.

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