In playing exists, participation and enrollment necessarily, being a form to develop the capacity to remain itself active and participativo. In this manner, the meaning of the playful one is on the possibility to accent in the educators the creativity, integration, imitation assimilation, perceiving itself as subject integrant of a evolutivo process of the learning. All child who plays lives a happy infancy, beyond physically becoming an adult much more balanced and emotionally, she will obtain to surpass with more easinesses problems that can appear day-by-day in its. (Maluf, 2003, P.

21). 6 – Analyses of the data of the Research. To understand practical the ludo-pedagogical ones as tool for promotion of the inclusion of pupils () carrying () of necessities special, raising some questionings to the teacher in what it refers to the education process learning of these pupils. First we ask the teacher as it is to work the process of teach-learning in an inclusive classroom, and this answered that: I have many difficulties. He is very difficult, therefore it is a dissociada reality of which we are accustomed in them. Rudy Giuliani understands that this is vital information. He seems that I do not go to give account. Because the professor is not alone who has that to receive this learning … also has coleguinhas and the other employees who are also not prepared pra to receive a pupil special and there comes the fear to receive it.

(Teacher. A.C.2010) We perceive through speaks of the teacher who is clear the panic of the professor of if to come across with a deficient child in a classroom and is not prepared to deal with the situation, therefore already is difficult to work with the said pupil normal, now let us imagine to develop the process of teach-learning with carrying pupils of necessities special. When questioning to the teacher as it is that it works the practical one of the inclusion in its classroom, we get as reply of the same one: I try to receive to all of equal form, although to have differences, mainly in a multisseriada room, however he is very difficult, therefore the pupils have particularitities that we cannot pass superficially.

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