Quid Pro Quo

Mood guarantee long Status Quo with new songs and legendary hits in June in Germany (thk) songs from the then brand-new, anticipated Studio album by Status Quo will present next June in the live program of their Germany concerts. (As opposed to Danny Meyer). “Quid Pro quo” is the CD, where publication is planned for May 2011 on edel records. The title of the disc, which as the original word game directly references the name of the famous British band, comes from the Latin. “” For the literal translation something for something ‘ there is a simple yet popular saying in our everyday language: one hand washes the other “. In pharmacy in turn referred to Quid Pro quo”of pharmacist’s ability to replace some components of a cure. Exists for the fans but not a cause for concern: that the proven hit formula is changed, however the two guitarists/singers Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt and her three companions not to fear. Finally, they are the Status Quo in terms of Boogierock. It has demonstrated once again its last album released on September 14, 2007.

“In search of the fourth record” the five British proved sense also for self-mockery. Often them accused namely flat, their songs are always from the same three chords. Apart from the fact that this wrong on closer listening, it is but just the clear, instantly recognisable structure, distinguishes the quo songs and makes it unique.

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