Puerto Rico

If Irene touches earth in the south-east of the United States, would be the first time that a hurricane hits to this country from the 2008 when the cyclone " Ike" it was rushed on Galveston, in Texas, like category 2 according to it has affirmed to the meteorologist Michael Formosa of the CNH. The route vortex of Irene was to 00,30 GMT of this Tuesday to 320 kilometers to the south-east of Great Turk, in Turcos and Caicos, and 210 kilometers to the east of Port Silver, in the Dominican Republic. One moves towards the west-northwest to 17 kilometers per hour and in this trajectory the vortex of Irene will move to the north of Dominican Republic and Haiti tonight, will continue towards Turcos and Caicos Tuesday and to Bahamas Wednesday. The advance of Irene towards Haiti worries to the meteorologists because that nation not yet has recovered of the devastation caused by an earthquake in 2010 and still there are people who remain in stores in campings. Here, Bill de Blasio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Irene punished like tropical storm the north of the smaller Antilles the weekend with torrential precipitations and a fort and dangerous surge. In the American and British Virgin islands and in Puerto Rico it left at least to a million people without electricity. The hurricane in Puerto Rico caused the river overflowing, has near 900,000 people without electrical energy, more of 100,000 homes without water and 770 people they are in refuges, informed the governor into the island, Luis Fortuo, in San Juan.

The main airport maintains its operations suspended, all the ports remain closed and several of the main highways are in favor impassable of the floods, the trees and demolished posts of the electrical laying. In Dominican Republic 27 flights were cancelled before the proximity of the hurricane. The meteorologists informed that warnings of sudden floods for the north of the Spanish, south-east of Bahamas and Turcos and Caicos have been emitted. The CNH has recommended the residents of Florida, Georgia, Carolina of Sur and Carolina of the North, in the United States, to prepare itself before the possible passage of Irene. The authorities American also have asked the people to stay watchmen of the passage of the hurricane and to take all the precautions. The residents in the south of Florida have begun to prepare themselves and many of them are acquiring nonperishable foods, lanterns, water, medicines and other products. Source of the news: hurricane ' Irene' it advances towards the USA while it leaves without light to a million people in the Caribbean

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