Profit Reid

It is also important that any oil company, oil and gas oil in the U.S., in addition to standard pay in taxes and yet the so-called compensation and fees (something like the Russian tax on natural resources, only incomparably more). For example, in 2007 the 27 largest oil companies paid $ 90 billion of taxes, compared with 15 billion in 2006. A tax rate on profits of oil increased to 40%, becoming the highest income rate. A second after it – 35% income tax on corporate profits. "Incredible" Profit? It's true. Profits of oil companies have increased lately. But, nevertheless, their profit was 9 cents for every dollar invested, compared for example with pharmaceuticals, where returns of 18.4 cents on the dollar, and in the computer industry – 13.5 cents for every dollar invested. "Despite the fact that George W.

Bush, John McCain and their friends have interests in the oil industry, it is not our problem "- said Speaker of the Senate Harry Reid (Harry Reid). "Mathematics is simple: our problem is that America has only 3% of world oil reserves and consumes 25%." But Reid's math is not quite correct, since we already know that U.S. has more oil reserves than any nation. In America, consumption is reduced because of high prices, but the same does not happen in China or India. There is no alternative. Opponents of the Bush plan put forward their views: that alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, bioeenergiya, will be a panacea and, soon, will replace gasoline at the pump and motors.

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