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Therefore, starting point of the TA is chosen with the expectation of flight in the wind over the desired area and the availability of landing sites in this area. Dimensions of sites for take-off and landing, depending on wind speed. At a wind 0-2 m / s enough area 30 x 50 m. The ideal wind 1-3 m / sec. For 1 hour balloon flying from 3 to 10 km: it is possible to fly into a clearing, or take a seat on the clearing, hang over the water or touch the surface of the water and stand for a while. make a fly-by, referring to the crowns of trees or grass. With light winds often return flows that can return to the launch area.

At a wind of 5-6 m / s air balloon flies over an hour to 20-25 km. Altitude – to 2-3-km, although most spectacular flying at altitudes ranging from 1 to 300 m. The free flights are usually performed in the morning c7 to 10-11 hours. and in the evening with a 16-17 to sunset, in the fastened mode – at any time if the weather conditions suit. Under favorable weather conditions the day You can perform 2-3 flight per week 10-14 hours flight 0.5-2.5 each. Weekly gas consumption – 350-560 kg (650-950 liters). When operating over water are needed boats (boats) for the insurance: the case of absence or a change in wind direction – tow ball to the shore. And also for photo-video – the ball can travel at 1 m from the water or sit down at the water – it's beautiful and interesting. If the weather allows – you can jump out of the basket into the water, the boat will pick up again podvezet to basket ball. Photo Album. We can take on: the development of guidelines to conduct operations all TA activities related to the operation of the TA (inspections, preventive maintenance, repair and overhaul work related to the extension certificate of airworthiness balloons, pilot training and ground crews, flight operations TA) – TA delivery to the place-based – prospective areas of inspection missions – training schemes and maps for the flight – TA organization filling gas and other issues – organizing other activities associated with the use of TA (advertising rises, the organization of fiestas, competitions, etc.) stay of tourists in Simeiz in Sevastopol

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